Cash/Valuables In Transit

Our Cash in Transit services eliminates the risks associated with transporting your cash and valuables.

Cash/Valuables-in-Transit (CVIT) is the secure movement of money and valuables, to and from your premises, to a bank or cash processing centre.  With in-depth knowledge and experience in the secure logistics market, we recognise the crucial nature of safe transportation.

Our exceptionally high service levels are underpinned by strict industry regulations guiding every action we perform, and decision we make; from staffing to equipment – we never compromise. All employees are fully vetted and personally selected, to ensure they convey the ‘RMS attitude’: reliable, professional and customer focused. We employ cutting edge technology to ensure the highest security for both staff and valuables. At every stage of the transportation process we follow specific procedures and processes to guarantee optimum service for all customers. At RMS, we tailor our collection charges to accommodate your business requirements. We provide several insurance indemnity bands to ensure your CVIT costs are kept to a minimum.

"Know your cash, coins and valuables are safe and protected."